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Petuk Mahaaaaraj is the name, you are missing out on the best kind of Bengali cuisine available in the city. Brace your bong taste buds! One of the most authentic Bengali restaurants in the city, our mouth-watering dishes will not disappoint you.Be it Sunday lunching plans or just a hang-out with friends Petuk Mahaaaaraj has to be your destination. Very reasonably priced, the food we serve here is to die for.

Petuk Mahaaaaraj, serve up some of the most interesting dishes, be it in lunch or snacks or dinner, everything will remind you of the kind that your mom or wife or your swee...

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Why Choose Us?

Budget - Good food at a reasonable price

Taste - Brands for taste sensations & the whole food experience

Food - Balance is well-being

Excellent Staff - The staff are friendly and honestly

Our Menu


Egg Biriyani Rs. 100.00
Chicken Biriyani Rs. 150.00
Mutton Biriyani Rs. 170.00
Spl Chicken Biriyani (2pcs Chicken) Rs. 230.00
Spl Mutton Biriyani (2pcs Mutton) Rs. 250.00

Chinese Starter(Veg)

Chrispy Chilli Baby Corn Rs. 150.00
Paneer Finger (6 pcs) Rs. 180.00
Devil's Paneer Rs. 200.00
French Fry Rs. 120.00
Crispy Mash Room Pipper Salt Rs. 220.00


Paneer Roll Rs. 50.00
Egg Roll Rs. 40.00
Egg Paneer Roll Rs. 60.00
Chicken Kati Roll Rs. 60.00
Egg Chicken Roll Rs. 65.00

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